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A soul, a unicorn, a wish.
Words to calm – “Nothing’s amiss!”
But this is all that there is.

No man in the sky, nor bliss.
Just you and me, taking the piss.
you live, you die, you miss.

It’s mostly black, that’s how it is.
You hope, you swear, you kiss.
Life’s beautiful, for what it is.


Skin slick, face pale, eyes leak,
as blood begins to habit speak:
“Shelter seek, three doses deep”

through veins the poison seeps,
through chinks in armor creeps,
the painless pins to flesh prick,

But it’s a trick, a sick mind’s flick.
Lights out – got candle, no wick.
Sealed up, truth begins to stick:

So far gone – home but homesick.
Be sludge, slammed, must quit.
No more man, lost all wit.

Now where’s the respite?
green sign, nearest exit?
Come play friends in my cesspit.