Goal Tracking


Project Description
Big Burly BoyReach 85Kg with 10-12% bodyfat.
Productive PoetWrite 100 poems.
5) Gold please.Reach an income level that allows geographical freedom and the ability to pursue diverse projects plus, perhaps most importantly, a dog and the means to travel.


Project Description
Digital ArtTelling stories, visualizing ideas and earning income with digital art. NEXT: Finish Dimentals freelance job #1 + Add environment pieces to portfolio
CineArtistWebsite - center for all storytelling portfolio pieces. NEXT: Make show-ready; fix security, write 9 blog posts and update portfolio with finished pieces.
Battle MachineShort film project - designed as a low budget short in order to keep costs low, learn filmmaking/VFX and simultainously ending up with a high quality movie to show people. NEXT: Finish a FUI animation + concept/key art + get a green screen
LR Life Plan [2]Long range life plan - STEP 1: finish classes/"normal" job saving. (DONE) STEP 2: improve 2D/3D/VFX portfolio, finish short film project and income streams. STEP 3: add income streams, new skills and work on feature film. STEP 4: Upgrade to larger-scale feature films
The Richest Man in BabylonIncrease income, save and pay off debts