I am the unchanging core
be it broke or borne
this heart of stone is me

I am the bodied void
be it thrashed or torn
this shape of bone is me

I am the thundering vow
be it snuffed or scorned
the will inside is me

I am the soothing song
be it mocked or mourned
the voice inside is me

CG Ragnar

A Secret Hearth

There’s a secret hearth in every hall,
which thaws life in all who heed it.
A hallow home for bellow’s breath,
and no god nor man to impede it.

It takes thought to kindle its fire,
and will to make the flames roar.
Stir deep in chest a rumble –
a sphere of embers, inhaled whole.

Singe life with golden lining.
Beam warmth at former foes.
Burn with zeal and fervor.
Blaze through cindered bricks of soul.

Tempered by innate good,
light in man embrace.
Go gleam unbidden,
spread warmth without a trace.

Then died being stoked,
ash blown, wind swept.
Scorched door open,
in kiln, nothing kept.

Smouldered in.
Soot grown.
was fire,
not cold stone.

CG Ragnar Crafoord


We never hurt nor freeze,
don’t suffer rain, disease.
We eat what, when, we please.
Toy with life and death tease.

Wish to survive? Appease.
Are we the fittest? Jeez –
Judge, Jury. On your knees.
Kin, feed, habitat seize.

We’re Apex. Deities.
Liken us to how these
Megalodon, with ease,
reigned over seven seas.

…And then came one warm breeze.

CG Ragnar

Sage advice

“Settle deep in rotting soil,
refrain from budding out.
I laugh at your struggle and toil –
no change to bring about.

I’ll plant seeds of doubt,
rip the roots if we grow,
starve every dream with drought,
and put salt where I sow.

The sun is out of reach.
Our branches will wither.
All strength my toxins leech –
until death comes hither.

You can’t sprout.
Was that your goal?
Forget, fade out –
Decay into coal.”

Stop. Breathe deep.
Command. Don’t listen
– And let go. Leap.
Turn fear into frisson.

CG Ragnar
frisson - noun
fris·​son | \ frē-ˈsōⁿ \
plural frissons\ frē-​ˈsōⁿ(z) \
Definition of frisson:
: a brief moment of emotional excitement : SHUDDER, THRILL

The pledge

Daring, driven
In this quest ungiven.

Fighting, fending
the journey never ending.

Faring, finding
A purpose worth grinding.

CG Ragnar