We never hurt nor freeze,
don’t suffer rain, disease.
We eat what – when – we please,
toy with life and death tease.

Wish to survive? Appease.
Are we the fittest? Jeez –
Judge, Jury. On your knees.
Kin, feed, habitat seize.

We’re Apex. Deities.
Liken us to how these
Megalodon, with ease,
Reigned over seven seas,
…And then came one cold breeze.

Sage advice

Settle deep in rotting soil,
refrain from budding out.
I laugh at your struggle and toil –
no change to bring about.

I’ll plant seeds of doubt,
rip the roots if we grow,
starve every dream with drought,
and put salt where I sow.

The sun is out of reach.
Our branches will wither.
All strength my toxins leech –
until death comes hither.

You can’t sprout.
Was that your goal?
Forget, fade out –
Decay into coal.

Breathe deep.
Command, don’t listen
– And let go. Leap.
Turn fear into frisson.

The pledge

Daring, driven
In this quest ungiven.

Fighting, fending
the journey not ending.

Faring, finding
A purpose worth grinding.


Find words to shake,
you from that place.

The pain to wake,
so first this brace:

You put yourself,
into that space.

A newfound self,
will get you out.